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Try These Easy And Home Remedies For Hair Care In The Winter Season

Winters are at their peak.  

In such a situation, bathing seems to be a big challenge, in such a situation, it is far from washing the hair and taking proper care of them. 

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But the effect of cold not only on your skin but also on your hair

The dryness of the hair increases, the problem of dandruff starts bothering. As a result, hair becomes extra brittle and takes on a messy, lifeless look. So, of course, you can't take care of different types of hair oils like coatings and applications, but you can take general care.

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Do not wash hair with very hot water

They should be washed regularly to remove dust and dirt from the hair. However, do not forget to wash your hair with lukewarm water as it destroys the natural moisture of the hair and aggravates the problem of dandruff. 

Hair becomes thin and starts falling rapidly. Use lukewarm water to wash hair in winters.

Wash hair with natural ingredients

Instead of chemical shampoos, use home and natural products to wash your hair. Hair can be washed with Multani mitti or curd gram flour paste. 

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In addition, any type of citrus fruit, lemon, orange, aloe, etc. can be washed down with the juice. Try to wash your hair at least two to three times a week in winter. This can keep the hair healthy.


Apply hair oil regularly

In winter, the hair becomes dry because of the wind. In this case, massage the hair with coconut, beetroot, or any other Ayurvedic herbal oil. The oil prepared by boiling dried pieces of amla in coconut oil helps in preventing hair growth and thinning. 

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Applying oil to the hair is considered very beneficial. So do not forget to apply oil to the hair in winter. If you want to reduce hair fall

Amla juice is very beneficial

You can easily get fresh gooseberry in this season. Drink three to four mango juices daily. If you do not have time to extract amla juice, then buy amla Rasayana and amla powder from the market, it is easily available. 

Take 5 grams daily with water or milk in the morning and evening. The lack of vitamin C in the hair leads to hair fall and breakage.

DISCLAIMER: Tips and suggestions mentioned in the article are for general information purpose only and should not be construed as professional medical advice. Always consult your doctor before starting any kind of program or making any changes to your diet.


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