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Reasons For Stress, Depression In Children, And What Is Its Treatment?

What are the reasons for increasing problems like stress, depression in children and what is its treatment, know from experts

Frequently we feel that adolescence is the most lovely time old enough. There is no stress in the life of children. And they always play and play happily, but even children are not untouched by the bitter experiences of the corona epidemic. 

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Suddenly everything changed in his life. That terrible period of the epidemic had a very bad effect on the soft mind and minds of the children. 

What are the reasons for increasing psychological problems like stress, anxiety, and depression?

Why does this happen?

Even a few years after the passing of any natural calamity, epidemic, any serious illness, or accident, people who face it are not able to come out of its trauma. Such a mood is called PTSD i.e. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. After the corona epidemic, nowadays its symptoms are also visible in children because during that time much negative news related to the disease was coming around. 

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Some children's entire families were seriously infected, some had lost close people or parents. Due to these reasons, some children are showing symptoms of problems like phobia, stress, and depression

Apart from this, some children are also struggling with OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) due to the fear of infection. For this reason, they wash their hands again and again and are afraid to interact with others.

Naturally this problem

Activities like playing with friends at school, outside the home, and outside the playground play an important role in the social and emotional development of children, but wearing a mask is necessary when leaving the house. 

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For this reason, some children do not like to go to the playground. 

Depression in Children: Signs, Causes & Treatment

Due to office responsibilities, parents are also unable to give much time to their children. Due to the non-opening of schools, children studying in classes IX-X are worried about their future, so keep their spirits up. If you take care of these things, then it will boost the morale of the children and they will return to the normal routine with renewed enthusiasm.

Parenting guidelines

WHO has also expressed concern on this matter and has expressed special guidelines for parents, according to which you should take care of these things.

Make sure to take time to play and talk with children.

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Involve children in small household tasks such as gardening, cooking, and cleaning the house. Such activities act as therapy for them.

Keep children away from negative news and viral videos.

Arranging a little party by calling a portion of his dear companions at home and observing the guidelines of Coronavirus, will make the climate of the house lovely and the kids will be calm.

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Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Lung Infection Symptoms

Dangerous Pollution Is Increasing The Risk Of Lung Infection, Know Its Symptoms

Our respiratory health can be affected due to many reasons. After Diwali, the air quality in many cities of the country has reached a very poor level. Which will obviously have a big impact on our lungs. 

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After Diwali, given that the air quality in the country has degraded significantly, our lungs are bound to suffer.

Do you also sleep wearing socks?

Doctors and medical experts are also concerned about the increasing number of people suffering from chest pain and breathing problems.

Apart from this, lung infection can make people seriously ill. It can be caused by viruses, bacteria, and sometimes fungus. Pneumonia is the most common type of lung infection, which can range from mild to severe. Therefore, it is necessary to be aware of its signs and symptoms, so that you can start treatment at the right time.

Symptoms of lung infection

1. Persistent cough with thick mucus

A person suffering from a lung infection may have a persistent cough, which helps him get rid of mucus from the airways and inflammation of the lungs.

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Respiratory diseases such as bronchitis or pneumonia can trigger a cough, which can range from clear, yellowish-brown, greenish, white to thick mucus. Sometimes blood also comes in the mucus, and this type of cough lasts for a long time.

2. Shortness of breath and chest pain

Shortness of breath means when you find it difficult to breathe. Apart from a lung infection, it can be a sign of many other dangerous diseases including heart attack, so it is even more important to diagnose it on time. Lung infection can cause severe chest pain and shortness of breath.

7 Signs You've Had a Lung Infection Without Knowing

You may experience wheezing. When you have a lung infection, your airways can narrow because of the inflammation. So when you exhale, it can cause wheezing, like a loud whistling sound.

3. Lung infections can cause fever, chills, and fatigue.

Any form of infection can cause severe inflammation in the body, which can lead to serious health problems. The same is true of lung infection. This may be accompanied by fever, chills, and fatigue, indicating that your body is trying to fight off an infection.

4. Treatment

Your doctor may prescribe antibiotics to treat a bacterial lung infection. Also, a lung infection caused by fungus is treated with antifungal medicines.

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However, if the infection is caused by a virus, then these medicines will not cure it. Your body will fight this infection on its own.

Home remedies for a lung infection

Medicines are available for most lung infections, but there are also some home remedies that can help speed up recovery or relieve symptoms.

- Drink plenty of fluids

- get maximum rest

- Follow a healthy diet

- Use a humidifier or take a breather.

- Drink lukewarm water.

Avoid smoking or do not stand with such people when they are smoking.

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Monday, November 8, 2021

Strengthen The Immune System In Winter, By Including Mustard Greens

In winter, mustard greens are easily available in the market, To strengthen the immune system in winter, include mustard greens in the diet

Vegetables are nothing less than a boon for health. Its consumption keeps the body hydrated. Mustard is cultivated in winter. Greens are made from their leaves. Oil is made from mustard. It has medicinal properties, which are beneficial in many diseases. 

How Do Dangerous Levels of Pollution Cause Viral Fever?

Mustard is used in medicine and in the kitchen in Ayurveda. Along with this, eating mustard greens also strengthens immunity. It has been claimed in various researches that the consumption of mustard in winter is beneficial. 

Let's know its other benefits-

1. Cholesterol remains under control

Cholesterol increases due to wrong eating habits. To do this, improve your diet and eat a balanced diet. Also, be sure to include mustard greens in your winter diet. Cholesterol is controlled by its consumption. Also, the heart remains healthy.

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2. Strengthens the immune system

Research has shown that the consumption of mustard greens strengthens the immune system. It is rich in Vitamin-A. For this, you must include mustard greens in your diet in winter.


3. Reduces the risk of cancer

Mustard is rich in antioxidant properties, which are beneficial in many diseases. In particular, the risk of life-threatening diseases like cancer is reduced. For this, doctors recommend eating mustard greens.

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4. Iron deficiency is removed

Iron deficiency is seen in pregnant women. Doctors always advise pregnant women to include vegetables in their diet. Iron deficiency is removed by its consumption. Pregnant women should consume mustard daily.

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