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The Most Underrated Chest Pain Is Not Just a Symptom of a Heart Attack Products You Need to Know

 Chest pain is not just a symptom of a heart attack: the symptoms are different in women than in men; Often doctors do not understand

Although heart disease is the leading cause of death for men and women in India, including the United States, research suggests that women are more likely than men to ignore heart attack warning signs. Women are also reluctant to seek help because they have milder symptoms than men. So when they arrive at the hospital, doctors underestimate their symptoms or delay treatment.

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1. The symptoms of heart disease in women are somewhat different

In fact, a common symptom of heart disease in men / women is chest / chest pain or discomfort. However, many women show symptoms that are difficult to associate with heart disease. For example: difficulty breathing, feeling sick, fatigue, nausea and back pain.

The American Heart Association reports that women with chest pain have a more serious heart attack because it takes longer for both the patient and the doctor to diagnose the problem. Doctors said it was their brainwashing.

Dr. Alexandra Lansky, a cardiologist at Yale-New Haven Hospital, said: All have been referred to the dentist. The dentist removed his two molasses. However, the pain did not subside, so he came with me. Research has shown that pain is related to the heart. The woman underwent bypass surgery, after which the aching pain subsided.

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2. A campaign is underway to make women aware

A campaign is underway in the United States to make women aware of heart disease. Sweating, dizziness, or abnormal fatigue may be symptoms of heart disease. Research published in the Journal of Therapeutics and Clinical Risk Management found that 62% of women did not experience chest pain compared to 36% of men. Many women report difficulty breathing with gastrointestinal symptoms such as nausea and dyspepsia. Most people experience chest tightness or tension instead of chest pain.


3. High blood pressure and obesity increase the risk in women aged 35-54 years

Cardiologist Dr Jacqueline Tamis-Holland said: 'People think that chest pain is the biggest symptom of a heart attack, just like in the movie, but it is not. Women are less at risk of heart disease than men. However, young women are also victims. High blood pressure and obesity increase the risk of heart attack in women between the ages of 35 and 54.

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